360 ReSet

ReSet is more than just a guided meditation app- it is custom-designed with two of the world’s most valuable resources in mind: Time and YOU.  Time is precious- once it is gone, you cannot get it back. You are not only precious, you are unique. In a world where you are literally one in 8 billion, you deserve to take a moment that is uniquely yours. And when you do, it needs to be high quality, with a vibe to match. The words matter. The voice matters. You matter. The app features a variety of mindfulness audio; long, short, guided, ambient, and audio in different languages, to meet your needs at any given time.


We want you to find the voice and the words that work for you.  Better yet, you are invited to share your voice; submit your own meditation for the world to hear. Scripts are available on our landing page and original submissions are welcome, too.  Selected recordings will remain and also be recycled to make room for more.

Developer & Programmer - Rifat Tarafder

Conceptualist - Julie Goldstein

Designer - Ashfakul Tarafder

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -

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The Team


Julie Goldstein


Hi, I’m Julie Goldstein. I am a school principal and licensed clinical social worker, currently pursuing an Educational Doctorate in Social Emotional and Academic Leadership at Sacred Heart University. As a Board member of Magnet Schools of America, and an active alum of Teach for America and Teach for All, my wish is for all students to benefit from the power of relatable mindful moments. 


Rifat Tarafder

Developer & Programmer

My name is Rifat Tarafder and I’m a junior at the Academy of Science and Innovation. I’ve been learning to code since I was in fourth grade and I have three years of experience in creating mobile and web apps. I enjoy learning new programming languages and improving my skills. I know several programming languages including Python, Dart, Java, Swift and JavaScript. I have three games published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. I plan on pursuing computer science in the future.


Ashfakul Tarafder


Hello everyone! I am Ashfakul Tarafder. I have been in the Information Technology industry since 1997. I started my career in this field as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. Since then, I have seen the industry change rapidly. People all over the world are building the next generation of apps. We at RT Studios are proudly announcing our mindfulness app, 360 ReSet. Our app will help you de-stress and relax after a long day with a variety of mindfulness audio. I am very happy to be a part of the ReSet development team. Please make sure to check out our app!


These scripts are available for you to use, modify, and narrate. Narrations can be submitted to the app. In addition, you can create and submit your own scripts.


Julie G.

Breathe 2

Diana W.

Thoughts & Emotions

Diana W.

Breathe 3

Still Mind

Breathe 1

Peter M.